For this first post i just wanted to tell you a little about myself…first off this is my first blog so i hope im doing this right lol..i am a vegetarian going vegan slowly but surely…i am with the love of my life Nathan McKinney ❤ and i am somewhere between Christian and Wiccan (still trying to get the two to mix but thats not going so well)  I believe in God and Jesus but i believe in the fundamental values of Wicca and also the way they worship nature and all her glory.  I also believe that stones an many other natural remedies do wonders and believe in the power of magick.  Therefore i am stuck in a hard place..have i mentioned i dont care much for religion?  I have felt the impact of God and Jesus in my life but the bible just doesnt make sense to me..there are so many contradictions and questions that it’s hard to tell what is what.  on top of that its hard to tell if i have faith or if im just fearing hell.  Fearing hell and Faith in God are two different things…I do pray (normally in a circle of candles and positive stones to get negetivity away) but i pray to God and Jesus…i dont feel like im doing anything wrong but i can not call myself a Christian for i do not believe in the bible…also cant really call myself wiccan for i am finding that i dont believe in a God and Goddess but rather God, Jesus, and a Goddess to finish off the trinity (at least the Mormons also believe in a Goddess according to my Mormon friend).  See i kinda mix like three religions into one..making me a Christiccanmon i suppose…I just feel lost but i feel that connection with God (or at least something up above is guiding me towards something).  Anyway any suggestions? or am i just overthinking things?  i would like some advice if anyone has been in my place before 🙂


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