Where can i start?  Let me think Bullies…see I’ve been bullied a lot through life for my differences in views…i don’t like confrontation and really think that most things can just be solved by talking things out..i said most not all…but everyone always likes to feel better than someone else it seems.  so this is what ive narrowed bullies down to, people who hate or strongly dislike themselves so when they see a trait they wish they had or if they see someone happier than them, they pick on them for it so that the person they’re picking on feels just as crappy as they do.  See i don’t have the greatest self confidence but i know who i am.  I struggle with finding what i believe in as far as religiously but that is an ongoing journey…religion is just something to organize your beliefs..but what you believe in is the Faith.  So i don’t necessarily believe in a specific religion but rather the fact that there is a higher power looking over me and guiding me through life..what i am missing is the organized side of faith; religion.  I feel one day i will figure out what it is i can whole heartedly believe in but for now i find comfort in the fact that i know theres some higher power there and i know they love me for me..i know that no matter how much im bullied, how much people pick on me, that i have that plus more in friends/family and that that higher power loves me for just how i am.  It comforts me and helps me get through rough days..i am generally happy and love meeting new people; finding out about their journey and what they have been through…im getting off topic now lol but basically people if you’re being bullied you should feel proud because that means that you are so special to that person that they waste their time and energy trying to make you not feel special..you have something that they dont and they want that or they want you not to have it anymore.  To all of you who have or are being bullied, dont give up dont let them get to you 🙂 you are special and unique and they hate you for that fact.  just try to ignore them to the best of your ability and move forward with your awesome life because you are awesome 🙂Image


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