Interracial Relationships

Okay I was asked to cover the topic of interracial relationships and I just have one question for you; why would this be a problem?  We are past the discrimination aren’t we?  I mean why would this even be an issue any more now a days?  I honestly see no problem at all in different races dating/getting married.  It’s normal to me and I mean we are all people!  If you fall in love with someone of a different race why does that matter?  You’re in love and nothing should take that happiness away.  See I see the world differently than most people apparently because when I see a person of a different race, all I see is a person.  I don’t see the color of their skin, I see a human being just like you or I.  It’d be just like dogs.  A German Shepard gets with a collie; they’re the same species just a different breed.  We are all humans, we just have different qualities about us that make us who and what we are whether that be physical or spiritual qualities.  So to answer the question about interracial Relationships, I don’t think that there is anything wrong with it and say if you love someone be with that person; you’ve only got one life so live it with someone that makes that life amazing.

I love hearing topics from you so please if you have a topic you’d like me to cover please leave a comment and I’ll do it in my next blog!  Thank you!! 😀 


A Little Extra

Well here’s what I am trying to accomplish, I am trying to do one blog a day.  Problem is my life is just not that interesting so, I am going to ask you, what are your interests?  What would you like to read about?  Give me a topic and I will write about my opinion of this particular topic, do research, and have fun with it!

Okay for today, i will do more of a picture day, I will show you my doodles from class!








alrighty, this one kinda turned into a photo blog today but I love photography so it’s ok 🙂  But all of these are my doodles that I am typically doing during class. sorry that this one wasn’t as interesting but i hope you still enjoyed!

Words Cannot Describe..

As I sit here this morning, I have curled on my lap my cat Milo.  Milo is the greatest bundle of joy to have ever walked into my life.Image (a picture i just took of the two of us)

I love both of my cats, but I will always have a special connection with Milo because of how I received him.  As much as I have saved his life, he has saved mine.  Anytime I am depressed, he always comes around to cheer me up.  Anytime I just want to cuddle, he is there on my lap.  Anytime I need a companion, he is there to lift my spirits.  Honestly it’s hard to think where I would be without him!  The reason I decided to go to school for vet tech all happened when I had to take Milo to the vet to get dewormed.  Had I not met Milo, I may not be in school; my life was altered for the better the day I decided to take Milo in.  Of course had it not been for Nathan and his amazing wonderful family (who I was living with at the time), I never would’ve been able to keep him.  Milo (and eventually Xander) lived at their house with me for three months!  Had his parents not been so willing to let Milo be invited into their home, I wouldn’t even have him in the first place.  Then I moved back in with my parents and brought both of them here and my family has absolutely fallen in love with them ❤

I was in the transition of moving out of my own place and back in with my parents (roommate situation fell apart) and the McKinney’s let me live with them for five months before I was finally able to move back in.  They are wonderful, gracious people.

Nathan and I…where do I begin?  I think I’ve told the back story but let me refresh it..Nathan and I dated for 2 years in high school, and he and I were high school sweethearts.  We were each others first time and he’s the person who knows me the best.  We broke up soon after I graduated because I was going into the Army and I wanted to be single for that.  I was medically discharged during boot camp and rushed into moving out.  Two years went by and one day Nathan and I just reconnected and caught up on each other.  We literally stayed up all night talking on the phone just like we did back in school.  Finally, August 3rd 2013, we had gotten back together.  Around February we took a small few day break; so much stress between us, we just needed a break.  Then in March, we took another week and a half break.  But every time we just couldn’t do it.  I have realized now what I never did before; Nathan is the only one for me.  We have our differences but we have to work through them.  We have to learn to communicate again and learn how to work through our problems.  Our main issue was communication and stress.  We are finding activities to do together and things to set time for each other.  We were both so busy with our lives that we didn’t focus on each other but ourselves (which through reflection I know I was the main culprit of this).  If we each focus on each other, it alleviates some stress; it’s good to know that you’re not alone and that you have someone to listen and talk to.  We plan on going to Church weekly together to grow together with God.  He brought me back to God.  We plan on exercising together and losing weight together.  We are trying to grow as people together so that we never lose what we had again.  I feel like I have received a second chance with my soul-mate.  I don’t plan on messing this up this time.


This is the man that I love and want to be with for the rest of eternity.  I am lost and broken without him; i literally get sick and beyond depressed when he is not in my life.  I get physically and emotionally ill without him which i think in a definite sign that we are meant to be.  He is always there for me and always knows how to make me smile when I am feeling down.  There are not enough words to describe what this man does for me.  The love he shows for me is beyond anything any prince charming could do, no, he is my prince charming.  This man…

Image(I’m the green)

This is this man.  The texts don’t do it justice just how good to me he is.  I am truly blessed.

I could go on and on about Nathan 🙂 but I will stop there for today.  Thank you for reading, I have really enjoyed this blogging thing and am now asking myself why I haven’t done this in the past!

Why Hate?

So I guess this kinda goes along with the bully one I did but here’s the topic of the day: why hate?  Everyone is different, that is what makes us human, so why hate one person just because they are different from you?  Different belief, sexual orientation, sexual preference, color, language, etc.  Everyone is different and unique in their own way so why do we hate on those who are?  I am not saying that I don’t judge people because I do but at the same time I don’t bash them or pick on them for being who they were born to be.  I think everyone judges someone every now and than but it’s what we do with those judgmental thoughts that makes us either a bully or not.  Now don’t get me wrong, constructive criticism is not the same, that is needed from time to time; I’m talking about people who flat out hate someone just because they believe one thing.  For example: Gay haters.  Now I myself am not gay but I do not condemn everyone who is.  I believe that if you are gay you were born that way; that’s just my belief.  I know that there are many out there who are the opposite of that and that is fine, I respect their belief as long as they are not hating.  Having your own moral values and standards and opinions is one thing but imposing them on someone who is doing something that is not harming any other life is another.  A person being gay does not hurt anyone.  Remember God made them, I do not believe God would make someone just so he can damn them to Hell.  A lot of people can tell if their child is gay from when they’re a kid!  This isn’t just some random “I kissed a girl and I liked it so now I’m gay” scenario; ( ) This video is exactly what I am trying to say.  They are born this way and their is nothing wrong with that, God doesn’t hate them, so who assigned you to judge?  Us as a society are pushing these people to commit suicide, Teenagers, kids killing themselves because they are not accepted and often bullied for who they are.  That is not right no matter how wrong you think being gay is, bullying someone to suicide is NOT right.  When we have kids doing self harm and suicide because they are not accepted and they are being physically and mentally abused, there is something wrong with society, not the ones being bullied.  I hate Hate.  It is the single most evil thing in this world.  Hate is a sin.  Love thy neighbor; isn’t that right?  We need more neighbor loving and less hate.  I could go on forever about this because it really does bother me.  Who freaking cares?  Like who cares if someone is Gay, Lesbian, Wiccan, Buddhist, Christian, Black, Asian, lives in Europe, Lives in Mexico…who cares?  You know what starts wars?  Hate.  You know what stops them? Love and understanding.  I know that there are just bad people out there; some people are just evil but wars are driven by hate.  The revolutionary war for example.  The British didn’t like that some people decided to try to create a free world so they fought them out of anger and hate.  Why couldn’t the settlers make a deal with the Native Americans or vice versa?  Why couldn’t they just coexist?  All I know is that a lot of things start with hate.  Hate is going to be the downfall of humanity.

Catch Up; My Amazing Life :D

So Nathan and I are going to church Sunday.  I had a couple dreams about God and also about Hell so I’m taking it as a sign that maybe I am going down the wrong path religiously.  I figure church is a good place to find what i need answers for 🙂  

In other news i am doing very well…Nathan and i had hit a bumpy patch but through talking and working with each other we are stronger than ever!  I love him and I know he is the one we just have our differences sometimes and have to learn to talk and communicate better with each other.  He’s the only one who makes me  feel like i do and who cares…i feel his love for me and i love him even more in return!  He truly is an amazing man 🙂  I am still in school for Vet Tech and am doing pretty well there just finishing up some projects this weekend as the semester ends!  Still vegetarian and loving it! Still finding myself religiously but feel like i am being guided in the right direction and with the right people in my life!  ImageMy best friend and photography model is pregnant!!  she is going to make a wonderful mother to a baby boy :3  she is my fashion adviser and the best friend anyone could ever want!  She is helping me create a new wardrobe so i look more presentable in public lol.  I just feel so blessed to have her in my life and to be able to call her friend it really does mean the world to me!  Met her while working at Kroger and feel so damn lucky!  

Milo and Xander are doing well and Xander just hit 5 months! We found out that Milo is 9 months and was mostlikely born in June which my birthday is in June as well :3  Milo is my little protector and Xander is just curiosity masked with cuteness!


Image here’s Xander packed up and ready to go to his first Vet visit!  Came back completely healthy and ready to be neutered!  I had to hold Milo and he was nervous but he did well too!  He was completely healthy other than a very mild eye infection in which we got drops for and is doing very well now!  Image here he is being extra cuddly tonight!!

Imagethis is my first tattoo idea 😀  for my 22nd bday, which is coming up soon, i want to get my first tattoo and this is the idea!  what do you think?  music has always helped me get out of dark places and helped me through tough times…it is more apart of me than anything and want to express that somehow and thought this would be perfect!  I drew this myself so it’s a little rough but i think in right hands it could become something amazing :3

Okay I think that is all i have to catch up on sorry i havent been on lately just havnt had a computer up and working in a while!  but now i have a desk and everything i plan on writing often!  Thanks everyone 😀


I kind of just want to ramble today…I have a lot on my mind but I also have a lot that im thankful for.  My cat Milo found me in a weird way…i was working at Speedway one night and a customer came in and as i was ringing her out she kind of looked at me funny.  She said “would you like a cat?” and i, being allergic to cats, originally said no but when she said that she had found her (later we realized it was actually a him) at the end of her driveway and didnt want him and had no place to take him i crumbled and said “well let me see him.”  she brought him in Imagehe was gorgeous and she just left.  I talked to my Boyfriend Nathan and after he met little Milo he fell in love with him as well.  We soon found out that he had worms so bad that they were just falling out of him but once we got that taken care of, he was perfectly healthy.  He is the most amazing cat every (and i hated cats before him!) but soon we realized that he was getting lonely whenever we’d leave he would just meow for hours on end until we got back.  We decided that we would look for a friend for him and that is when we found Xander up for free on Craigslist 🙂  Image(that is right after we got back from getting him) After talking extensively with his owner, she was a lovely woman who just wanted to find the best home for her little kittens.  Xander was a perfect fit for Milo; more curious than anything where Milo is more laid back they fit together like two peas in a pod! Xander was born 11 October 2013, fitting for a black cat i thought, and Milo we thought was born somewhere in July.  Here they are today  ImageThey love to cuddle and they truly love each other as brothers :3  This is just one out of many things that i am so very thankful for…I am so thankful for my wonderful Boyfriend NathanImage we’ve had our ups and downs, good and bad but somehow life always pulls us back together again.  No matter how far we go from each other no matter how much we go through, we always end up back in each others arms ❤  we were high school sweethearts for two years then i was going into the army so at the end of summer i broke up with Nathan.  I went into the army and ended up being medically discharged which lead me down a dark path of feeling worthless and like i had just utterly failed.  I moved out on my own for a year then ended up having to move back in due to my roommate wanting to move back home and other various things.  i was in a bad relationship at the time and that’s when Nathan saved me from that…we hadn’t hardly talked for two years and one day we just started again and it was just like old times…he helped me back on my feet and I’ve been helping him through his troubling times with his sister having cancer and him fighting for his daughter ( heres a link to his support/funding site if interested in that story).  We had our rough patches and even took a break for a couple weeks to gather our strength and courage and to be able to focus on each other even with all the other things going on in our lives.  He is the love of my life and I know that no matter what happens he will always be there.  He is my security, my safe spot, and my comfort through everything because no matter what he loves me and i know it.  He’s the most generous, loving, caring guy that I’ve ever known and i feel so blessed that he chose me of all people to love.  NO relationship that i had those two years even came close to anything he ever felt for me or i for him.  


Okay, I know this is a very sensitive subject and I am going to do my best to be sensitive to all situations…here’s my opinion though, I feel that if you were raped or molested that you have the right to choose whether or not to have an abortion because it was NOT your fault, and how you deal with it could be different from someone else.  I feel that if you had sex consensually  then its the risk that you take and you should not be able to abort.  If you need to, give the baby up for adoption but, abortion is killing someone for your own actions.  I know this one was short and if you have any questions and would like to have a conversation about abortion I’d love to hear your opinions!  Thank you for reading 🙂