I kind of just want to ramble today…I have a lot on my mind but I also have a lot that im thankful for.  My cat Milo found me in a weird way…i was working at Speedway one night and a customer came in and as i was ringing her out she kind of looked at me funny.  She said “would you like a cat?” and i, being allergic to cats, originally said no but when she said that she had found her (later we realized it was actually a him) at the end of her driveway and didnt want him and had no place to take him i crumbled and said “well let me see him.”  she brought him in Imagehe was gorgeous and she just left.  I talked to my Boyfriend Nathan and after he met little Milo he fell in love with him as well.  We soon found out that he had worms so bad that they were just falling out of him but once we got that taken care of, he was perfectly healthy.  He is the most amazing cat every (and i hated cats before him!) but soon we realized that he was getting lonely whenever we’d leave he would just meow for hours on end until we got back.  We decided that we would look for a friend for him and that is when we found Xander up for free on Craigslist 🙂  Image(that is right after we got back from getting him) After talking extensively with his owner, she was a lovely woman who just wanted to find the best home for her little kittens.  Xander was a perfect fit for Milo; more curious than anything where Milo is more laid back they fit together like two peas in a pod! Xander was born 11 October 2013, fitting for a black cat i thought, and Milo we thought was born somewhere in July.  Here they are today  ImageThey love to cuddle and they truly love each other as brothers :3  This is just one out of many things that i am so very thankful for…I am so thankful for my wonderful Boyfriend NathanImage we’ve had our ups and downs, good and bad but somehow life always pulls us back together again.  No matter how far we go from each other no matter how much we go through, we always end up back in each others arms ❤  we were high school sweethearts for two years then i was going into the army so at the end of summer i broke up with Nathan.  I went into the army and ended up being medically discharged which lead me down a dark path of feeling worthless and like i had just utterly failed.  I moved out on my own for a year then ended up having to move back in due to my roommate wanting to move back home and other various things.  i was in a bad relationship at the time and that’s when Nathan saved me from that…we hadn’t hardly talked for two years and one day we just started again and it was just like old times…he helped me back on my feet and I’ve been helping him through his troubling times with his sister having cancer and him fighting for his daughter ( heres a link to his support/funding site if interested in that story).  We had our rough patches and even took a break for a couple weeks to gather our strength and courage and to be able to focus on each other even with all the other things going on in our lives.  He is the love of my life and I know that no matter what happens he will always be there.  He is my security, my safe spot, and my comfort through everything because no matter what he loves me and i know it.  He’s the most generous, loving, caring guy that I’ve ever known and i feel so blessed that he chose me of all people to love.  NO relationship that i had those two years even came close to anything he ever felt for me or i for him.  


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    • I am so sorry i didn’t see this sooner!! I am very new to this sight :/ but that is a very interesting point of view 🙂 I didn’t like cats at first until Milo was brought into my life and now i love them 🙂 so tell me more about Karma guiding them into your life? why does karma do that?

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