Catch Up; My Amazing Life :D

So Nathan and I are going to church Sunday.  I had a couple dreams about God and also about Hell so I’m taking it as a sign that maybe I am going down the wrong path religiously.  I figure church is a good place to find what i need answers for 🙂  

In other news i am doing very well…Nathan and i had hit a bumpy patch but through talking and working with each other we are stronger than ever!  I love him and I know he is the one we just have our differences sometimes and have to learn to talk and communicate better with each other.  He’s the only one who makes me  feel like i do and who cares…i feel his love for me and i love him even more in return!  He truly is an amazing man 🙂  I am still in school for Vet Tech and am doing pretty well there just finishing up some projects this weekend as the semester ends!  Still vegetarian and loving it! Still finding myself religiously but feel like i am being guided in the right direction and with the right people in my life!  ImageMy best friend and photography model is pregnant!!  she is going to make a wonderful mother to a baby boy :3  she is my fashion adviser and the best friend anyone could ever want!  She is helping me create a new wardrobe so i look more presentable in public lol.  I just feel so blessed to have her in my life and to be able to call her friend it really does mean the world to me!  Met her while working at Kroger and feel so damn lucky!  

Milo and Xander are doing well and Xander just hit 5 months! We found out that Milo is 9 months and was mostlikely born in June which my birthday is in June as well :3  Milo is my little protector and Xander is just curiosity masked with cuteness!


Image here’s Xander packed up and ready to go to his first Vet visit!  Came back completely healthy and ready to be neutered!  I had to hold Milo and he was nervous but he did well too!  He was completely healthy other than a very mild eye infection in which we got drops for and is doing very well now!  Image here he is being extra cuddly tonight!!

Imagethis is my first tattoo idea 😀  for my 22nd bday, which is coming up soon, i want to get my first tattoo and this is the idea!  what do you think?  music has always helped me get out of dark places and helped me through tough times…it is more apart of me than anything and want to express that somehow and thought this would be perfect!  I drew this myself so it’s a little rough but i think in right hands it could become something amazing :3

Okay I think that is all i have to catch up on sorry i havent been on lately just havnt had a computer up and working in a while!  but now i have a desk and everything i plan on writing often!  Thanks everyone 😀


One thought on “Catch Up; My Amazing Life :D

  1. Dear one –
    To explain why we have karma with kitties requires a belief in reincarnation. I will tell you my beliefs, you may take them as you wish. I am not preaching or trying to recruit. Just saying. If you find it ridiculous, that’s okay.
    Anyway, we start as germs or amoeba, and through progressive lives we “grow up.” That is to say, you and I and everyone you know or see on television (even the Walking Dead extras) have at one time been every bug and animal, practically, on the planet. Snakes, bees, kitty cats, we have done it all, and are entwined with all, if you take it back far enough.
    The people we meet in life we have met in other lives and we have “contracts” to meet again and again because we like each other. In your past lives you have probably been mother to your mother, or father to your siblings, on and on.
    The pets who come into our lives are looking to take the next step up into human-hood. We nurture them and love them and are kind to them and then they have a chance to be a boy or girl (for the first time) in their next life, or the one after.
    My pets: Wiamea lived with the neighbors but she came to me when I moved beside them. Just came in and adopted me and sat on my lap for her remaining few years, she was 22.
    Willow was abandoned by some neighbors who left all their cats, those dirty rats. Willow survived and came to me, she was my baby for oh so many years and I still tear up when I think of her. It might be sad, I am 60 and I loved that cat so much and we went through some stuff together. I just can’t write about her, I’m getting upset now, she has been gone for months.
    Bella arrived, abandoned and hungry, she fit right in. Just showed up scared and hungry, she had been spayed, someone threw her away. Died of a heart attack after a few years, a real sweetheart.
    Fluffy arrived, she had been de-clawed, poor baby was starving. I had her for a couple of years then she got hit by a car. Another sweetie who slept in my sock drawer.
    Robin came around when she was pregnant, had her kittens beside the house. She is still around, thinks she owns the place.
    Mousie, Robin’s daughter, is very feral but loves me, sleeps with me. She had kitties on the roof and I got them all homes.
    Cats talk to me, they come up to me when I walk down the street. I love them. They are people too as far as I’m concerned. I love and respect them all.
    Tammy, I’m just some 60-year-old guy trying to make the world a better place. I am seriously not trying to chat you up, I like to think I have a bit more class than to chase younger ladies, no matter how lovely you are. I got disabled a couple of years ago but I am grateful for every day I have on this planet. They gave me two days to live and I’m still kicking. Life is a gift and so are kitties!


    Robert, @GouseiJacobs


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