Why Hate?

So I guess this kinda goes along with the bully one I did but here’s the topic of the day: why hate?  Everyone is different, that is what makes us human, so why hate one person just because they are different from you?  Different belief, sexual orientation, sexual preference, color, language, etc.  Everyone is different and unique in their own way so why do we hate on those who are?  I am not saying that I don’t judge people because I do but at the same time I don’t bash them or pick on them for being who they were born to be.  I think everyone judges someone every now and than but it’s what we do with those judgmental thoughts that makes us either a bully or not.  Now don’t get me wrong, constructive criticism is not the same, that is needed from time to time; I’m talking about people who flat out hate someone just because they believe one thing.  For example: Gay haters.  Now I myself am not gay but I do not condemn everyone who is.  I believe that if you are gay you were born that way; that’s just my belief.  I know that there are many out there who are the opposite of that and that is fine, I respect their belief as long as they are not hating.  Having your own moral values and standards and opinions is one thing but imposing them on someone who is doing something that is not harming any other life is another.  A person being gay does not hurt anyone.  Remember God made them, I do not believe God would make someone just so he can damn them to Hell.  A lot of people can tell if their child is gay from when they’re a kid!  This isn’t just some random “I kissed a girl and I liked it so now I’m gay” scenario; (  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnOJgDW0gPI ) This video is exactly what I am trying to say.  They are born this way and their is nothing wrong with that, God doesn’t hate them, so who assigned you to judge?  Us as a society are pushing these people to commit suicide, Teenagers, kids killing themselves because they are not accepted and often bullied for who they are.  That is not right no matter how wrong you think being gay is, bullying someone to suicide is NOT right.  When we have kids doing self harm and suicide because they are not accepted and they are being physically and mentally abused, there is something wrong with society, not the ones being bullied.  I hate Hate.  It is the single most evil thing in this world.  Hate is a sin.  Love thy neighbor; isn’t that right?  We need more neighbor loving and less hate.  I could go on forever about this because it really does bother me.  Who freaking cares?  Like who cares if someone is Gay, Lesbian, Wiccan, Buddhist, Christian, Black, Asian, lives in Europe, Lives in Mexico…who cares?  You know what starts wars?  Hate.  You know what stops them? Love and understanding.  I know that there are just bad people out there; some people are just evil but wars are driven by hate.  The revolutionary war for example.  The British didn’t like that some people decided to try to create a free world so they fought them out of anger and hate.  Why couldn’t the settlers make a deal with the Native Americans or vice versa?  Why couldn’t they just coexist?  All I know is that a lot of things start with hate.  Hate is going to be the downfall of humanity.


2 thoughts on “Why Hate?

  1. Great post Krissy. Even when someone loses it and yells at me (my line of work) I usually just look at them and tell them it’s not necessary to yell. I spare them some prayerful thoughts when I can. I need love, not hate. Everyone does. Thanks again.


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