Trying To Save A Mole

Found a mole on our walk today..he was old and dying in pain on the road so I picked him up and carried him back to my place (he cuddled up next to me the whole time) and Nathan McKinney and I put him in the shade next to a creek. He may not survive but I hope he doesn’t die in too much pain and if he can make it, he has a better chance there then in the middle of the road on his back.



Okie dokie!  well i am doing a six week vegan challenge and if all goes well i am going to continue to be vegan!!  So what you should expect on my blog:

~Vegan stuff

~Random silly stuff

~Stuff about my YouTube

~Anything else i feel like posting

😀 any-who school starts back up tomorrow and i am still looking for a job D: no place is willing to hire me because of my schooling and that my schedule changes every 12 weeks so this has been a difficult process.  I’ll prolly post a lot of stuff about my different meals that i make and stuff to make sure that i get enough nutrients and if anyone else wants to try it they can look here to see what i eat 🙂 now i only have breakfast and lunch for today so far but ill post dinner later after i eat it hehe…im also working out a lot sooooo ill post about that as well so here comes a lot of update pictures!


Breakfast! #vegan 
Grapefruit, Cheerios, and almond milk (50% more calcium than milk and fortified with extra plant protein and fiber)!!


Lunch! #vegan 
Spinach and lettuce salad topped with an Italian vinaigrette, asparagus topped with a mixed salt, and a banana for dessert 🙂


Now this is endomondo, which is a workout app i use when Nathan and i take our walks, and this is from yesterday :3 we walk everyday but Sunday and walk normally around 3.5 miles 😀  yesterday was colder so we decided to do the shorter walk.

I think that about covers everything soooo have a great day everyone and thanks for reading!!



Ok so first off i know i haven’t been on in a while, I’ve been really busy with school and my youtube account but i plan on trying to be on here more often!  Second today i am going to talk about some of the annoyances of  ignorant people when it comes to a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.  now i know that there are some veggies that like to push their lifestyle onto others hardcore and that is not what i am talking about.  i don’t do that i will post my opinion but i don’t think bad of you if you eat meat. it is your life and your choice.  what annoys me is the fact that everyone constantly is trying to get me to eat meat. meat makes me sick and i cannot eat it plus i simply don’t want to yet everyone is like “oh you want some chicken?” and im like “im veggie” then their like “oh well one bite wont hurt”….what part of veggie don’t you understand? they’ll call me a picky eater when i will eat anything…ANYTHING..without meat.  i just don’t understand why that is so hard to understand.  anytime i get sick they blame it on the fact that im veggie even if its something like a cold ._.  if i got sick when i did eat meat, they never said anything but as soon as i became veggie all of the sudden its because of that.  meat started to upset my stomach about a year ago and i have no idea why so i just stopped eating it and have been happier and felt healthier than ever and plan on going vegan soon 🙂

anyway that was my rant lol.  sorry it has been bothering me for a while now so i had to vent 🙂