Okie dokie!  well i am doing a six week vegan challenge and if all goes well i am going to continue to be vegan!!  So what you should expect on my blog:

~Vegan stuff

~Random silly stuff

~Stuff about my YouTube

~Anything else i feel like posting

😀 any-who school starts back up tomorrow and i am still looking for a job D: no place is willing to hire me because of my schooling and that my schedule changes every 12 weeks so this has been a difficult process.  I’ll prolly post a lot of stuff about my different meals that i make and stuff to make sure that i get enough nutrients and if anyone else wants to try it they can look here to see what i eat 🙂 now i only have breakfast and lunch for today so far but ill post dinner later after i eat it hehe…im also working out a lot sooooo ill post about that as well so here comes a lot of update pictures!


Breakfast! #vegan 
Grapefruit, Cheerios, and almond milk (50% more calcium than milk and fortified with extra plant protein and fiber)!!


Lunch! #vegan 
Spinach and lettuce salad topped with an Italian vinaigrette, asparagus topped with a mixed salt, and a banana for dessert 🙂


Now this is endomondo, which is a workout app i use when Nathan and i take our walks, and this is from yesterday :3 we walk everyday but Sunday and walk normally around 3.5 miles 😀  yesterday was colder so we decided to do the shorter walk.

I think that about covers everything soooo have a great day everyone and thanks for reading!!



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