30 Days

Okay so I know I haven’t been on in a while and I am so sorry! I’ve had a lot going on with family and Nathan and I so I am back! And this there is one topic i will be talking about for probably the next thirty days..i am doing the 30 day ab challange along with giving up soda! I will also be doing yoga and some push ups (and being the workout-a-holic i can be ill probably do a lot more :P) but! the 30 day challenge give me a start to getting to where i want to be!10460365_1435665783377577_9050581255238281924_n so this is the first photo of me and i know its not full body but as i start looking more like i want the pictures will start to reflect it lol. so this is Day one!

10439381_1435801410030681_6931608225284376749_n I even have the challenge as my phones background so I do not have an excuse not to do it! 

After i am done i think ill just keep adding to it 😀 I am super excited to get into shape and finally be completely satisfied with the way i look.  But i know that working out is only the start you also have to eat right so Nathan and I are going to start grocery shopping and i will make dinners and such. So really its all about getting healthy!! Alright i will stop rambling now but i am so excited!

10527256_1435802953363860_2208888281493810329_n last picture but here is Yoga!! i love yoga it always makes me feel so refreshed and stress free! it is so amazing but anyway i am done rambling lol



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