Okay, so this is something I’ve been wanting to write about for a while now.  I may get a lot of hate or “you’re not a true Christian” but I honestly can say I don’t really care.  I have studied and prayed about the answer to this for quite sometime and I am finally firm on what I believe.  So let me begin with in Leviticus, God was making rules for his people to safely travel to the promised land.  Many of these seem pretty outlandish (like don’t eat certain meats) but it was to protect His people on their journey. God stated that having sex before marriage was a sin. I’m going to stop there for a second; some people, if told this, would say “okay so I can’t have sex with someone of the opposite sex but, he didn’t say anything about same sex.” So He specified that Homosexual sex was also a sin.  He is talking about lustful acts to fulfill sexual desire just like any other sexually immoral act.  But once you are married, sex is God’s gift to the couple  because they are now one with each other and God. (Not as in the same level as God but God is apart of the relationship in a final way.)  So yes, Homosexuality is a sin, outside of marriage.  I am not saying that Homosexuality was God’s original plan, but neither was divorce (which is talked a lot more than homosexuality and is also considered a sin).  Divorce ruins families and is final.  Once divorced it is made clear that that union can’t ever be again once remarried. But love is different than lust.  Love is when you care for someone so deeply you care for them more than yourself.  When you both have that type of love for each other, you have true love.  Lust is the sin, love is not.  If a homosexual couple decided to wait until marriage to have sex, I don’t see the sin because honestly, they are being more moral and taking marriage more seriously than most now a days.  So my belief is that any kind of lustful sexual act outside of marriage is a sin, but inside of a marriage is a gift from God.


2 thoughts on “Homosexuality

  1. Nope. You’re wrong. It doesn’t matter what you say and feel if what you say and feel is contrary to what the Bible says! You’re dillusional if you think that homosexuality is “ok” if the parties involved are married. Can you support that with scripture? No, no you can’t. But go ahead and try.


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