Life to be Amazing

Well it has been quite a long time but I have so much to update!  And just a lot of thanking to do so lets start with the McKinney’s…most amazing, loving, caring people i have ever met.  Sarah is growing into a very mature, God driven young woman.  Through, not just everything that shes been through but everything that her family has been through, she keeps a smile on her face and humor in the darkness.  I am a better person because of her..she has taught me things I never knew a 13 year old would understand. And she has helped me have a closer relationship with God to which i can only forever thank her for.  Last year at this time I was so lost, angry,  and confused. Confused about what i believed and why bad things happen to fantastic people.  This year, because of this amazing family, I am closer to God than I ever have been before.  Just watching how they live and how they treat others has really shown that Christ is at the forefront of this families life.  They put all of their trust and love into God no matter what troubles come their way, they always walk through with their head held high and eyes to God; that is something to look up to.


With that being said, Nathan is so special to me.  We’ve had our ups and downs, our fights and dates, our inseparable moments and our break ups. But, with everything that has happened in the past year and a half we’ve been back together, I say we are doing pretty well.  He and I are constantly talking and figuring out where we want to be in life, and where God wants us to be in life.  Constantly working to make our relationship stronger and stronger so one day we’ll make it to our ultimate goal of saying “I Do.”  We are making sure that our relationship is God based and healthy because divorce will never be an option, especially with kids.  I love this man with all my heart and know that God has brought us back together and kept us together for a reason.  Nathan and I have always had a strong connection and have always loved each other.  No matter how hurt or upset either one of us are, we always mend each others wounds and it just makes us stronger and stronger.  God is amazing for giving me this man.  I get teary eyed just writing this lol I just…I am so blessed to have a man as patient and firm in his beliefs as Nathan.  Him and his family are what got me back on God’s track.  God used them to heal me, to help me, to bring me back to Him and I just can’t be anymore thankful!

The next big thing that i am so thankful that God brought into my life is my job.  I absolutely love my job! I love everyone i work with; they are so amazing and I truly couldn’t ask for better co-workers.  10393765_1527696837507804_2515242163159787129_n 10155864_1529971690613652_8133772916385194492_n

Petco is definitely the best most rewarding job I’ve ever had. On top of Petco being a fantastic place, I just recieved a new position of Wholesale Demo Specialist 😀 It’s a brand new position that Petco is introducing this Saturday and I couldnt be more excited!

To finish off this blog with my last topic Nathan and I are looking into moving out very soon and starting our life together and i couldnt be more excited!

So that is all for now!!!! Thanks for reading!!!