We Made It

Okay everyone!  So Nathan and I are fully moved into our first apartment together and we could not be more happy! I’ll show you some pics of the place and just we made it.  Through everything that life threw at us, we made it.  Nathan turned to me the other night and told me he was happy.  Happy.  Those words I had not heard him say in a very very long time.  Actually haven’t heard him say he was genuinely happy since we dated back in high-school.  But he said this with a smile on his face and he just held me closer to him and I couldn’t be more enthralled!  He’s been so great and last night he called me wife ❤ This man is amazing and I am way too blessed.  God has given me someone who is going to love me for who I am and enjoy the rest of my life with!  But before I get all mushy gooshy like I tend too, let me show you the pics!

1618448_1552203178390503_4235848798195479053_n Okay so this is a little window by the stair case that is just darling!  So for now I have some stones and crystals setting there but eventually I’d like to get an orchid or some type of flower 😀

10003930_1552622418348579_1063473872418907392_n So some one once told me to enjoy the neatness while you don’t have kids so until I do, I dedicated two cabinets to just looking nice lol.  We do use these dishes but they are washed immediately and put back 😀

10441472_1552597945017693_6586116397772829177_n This is our dinning area in our living room and I think this table just fit so perfectly! I think it’s super cute 😛

10995688_1552543551689799_1204525156898281758_n In our living room is a bookshelf that is also our tv stand (you’ll see this in a later picture) and the center focus is this Bible.  Of all the books we have, the Bible is the most important one and I think it helps represent Nathan and I’s faith.  It was my Great Grandmas Bible given to my Grandfather at her death and is just absolutely beautiful.

11024713_1552599331684221_8601599613614559533_n This is a cabinet just for the beautiful decor cups! The clear ones are the ones Nathans mom got us and the blue and clear ones are the ones my mom gave us 😀

11025814_1551765301767624_8559252498336532283_n These pics show the first day we were there! The soap in the top left corner is some soap that I got from the local soap shop! Living Simply Soap is the best and it’s all made at the shop!! then all of Nathan’s stuff packed and our bathroom.  The lights in the kitchen are rounded so I thought that was cool looking; the salt and pepper shakers; and then finally the back half of our living room facing the stairs 😀

11030857_1552623201681834_1518426435656248502_n This is the rug that I wanted so dearly for our kitchen and man does it make the kitchen look good!

11034176_1552818238328997_3759592263869424503_n Here’s part of the living room including the little dinning area which i think just flows so well!  The Bible right in the center of the book case just, fits so perfectly!

11036266_1551953515082136_7106840191425567562_n Laundry area!  We were so blessed to have so much help furnishing our apartment to really make it feel like home!

11041741_1552599761684178_3965773963886418521_n Here’s the kitchen area.  I wanted to do colorful but not gaudy so I took Nathan’s sister, Sarah, and my dad to make sure I didn’t get too carried away!  (I tend to lol)

11042960_1552819234995564_74102321879733902_n  Here’s a closer look at the bookshelf/tv stand.  The Sing, Dance, Live stones were given to me by my mother and the basket next to the stand holds all of my Bible study stuff and a blanket in case anyone gets cold 😛

11046608_1552627561681398_1485191172859691516_n And finally, this is Nathan and I’s bedroom 😀

The only picture not on here is one of the game room only because we’re not done setting it up yet! Once we are I’ll update it!  Until then thanks for reading!



Where can i start?  Let me think Bullies…see I’ve been bullied a lot through life for my differences in views…i don’t like confrontation and really think that most things can just be solved by talking things out..i said most not all…but everyone always likes to feel better than someone else it seems.  so this is what ive narrowed bullies down to, people who hate or strongly dislike themselves so when they see a trait they wish they had or if they see someone happier than them, they pick on them for it so that the person they’re picking on feels just as crappy as they do.  See i don’t have the greatest self confidence but i know who i am.  I struggle with finding what i believe in as far as religiously but that is an ongoing journey…religion is just something to organize your beliefs..but what you believe in is the Faith.  So i don’t necessarily believe in a specific religion but rather the fact that there is a higher power looking over me and guiding me through life..what i am missing is the organized side of faith; religion.  I feel one day i will figure out what it is i can whole heartedly believe in but for now i find comfort in the fact that i know theres some higher power there and i know they love me for me..i know that no matter how much im bullied, how much people pick on me, that i have that plus more in friends/family and that that higher power loves me for just how i am.  It comforts me and helps me get through rough days..i am generally happy and love meeting new people; finding out about their journey and what they have been through…im getting off topic now lol but basically people if you’re being bullied you should feel proud because that means that you are so special to that person that they waste their time and energy trying to make you not feel special..you have something that they dont and they want that or they want you not to have it anymore.  To all of you who have or are being bullied, dont give up dont let them get to you 🙂 you are special and unique and they hate you for that fact.  just try to ignore them to the best of your ability and move forward with your awesome life because you are awesome 🙂Image