Starting a Life Together

So big news everyone!!! Nathan and I have been approved for the apartment of our dreams!!!  Our year and a half back together has been far from a fairytale, heck what we have gone through in this past year and a half is more than some couples experience in their entire lives together.  It wouldve torn some apart and at times it did; but by the grace of God, who held us together, life is finally starting to look up!  Nathan is actually excited again and seeing him happy, just makes me more than overjoyed! I’ll show you the pictures i took then explain a little of the layout!


Okay so all these pics are from the upstairs(except for the bottom right pic which is the downstairs bedroom)  So the top right is part of the living room and kitchen! the living room is huge!! and alll of this is upstairs.  As soon as you walk in the house, there’s stairs then, if you turn right, theres a small hallway.  On the left side of the hallway is a closet door and a bathroom door; on the right side is Nathans favorite door, the garage(which is freakin huge lol); then at the end of the hall is the downstairs bedroom which will be our game room 😀  When you come upstairs, theres the massive living room that goes into the kitchen.  Behind that white pantry door is washer/dryer hook ups, then beyond the frige is the door to the back patio!  Which is a balcony patio!!  It’s really quite cool.  on the left side of the kitchen is a bathroom door then a small small small hallway that leads to the upstairs bedroom.   Both bedrooms are equal in size which is perfect because it allowed for so much more space in all the other rooms!  I’m so excited because i can see a future in this place; Christmas’s and Thanksgivings together…somewhere where both of our families can fit given that we both have big families lol.  I’m excited for cookouts and summer fun activities and, of course, decorating!!  Making this place look nice and stay nice!  Then, later down the road, kids.  Nathan and I cannot wait to have kids one day!  And this place is big enough for a start!

But anywho continuing on, here are some of the things I’d like to get to get us started!!


Sarah is really really excited and loves to decorate and shop lol.  So since Nathan, being the amazing boyfriend any girl could ask for, has given me free rein to decorate as i please, Sarah and I went out and looked at prices!  The red seat with glass table is the set we’d like to get for the back balcony patio at some point!  It would just fit perfect!  The kitchen will be colorful with the simple but colorful knife set along with measuring cups and rug.  The living room with be filled with natural light using white curtains that just flow angelically.  Thats the other thing awesome about this place is it has such a great source of natural light!  The black and white rug set is for the bathroom; it comes with two rugs, a shower curtain, and shower curtain rings for 15 bucks!

There is so much more i could say but to finish this off, I am so excited and feel so blessed!  I feel like God has just brought us through everything tough to get us to this point.  Nathan has been nothing but amazing and I can’t describe the love for him that i have in words.  He’s the kindest, toughest, most God loving guy I have ever met.  Through everything he never once turned his back to God which is more than I can say.  He and his family, through anything, stay true to God and it is something that I am blessed to have in my life.  Theyve shown me what being a Christian and believer in God really means; and i can’t thank them enough for it.  I am a better person because of Nathan and his family.